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March 21st, 2015, 5:03 am

Heroes for Hire! Payment not needed~!

Pretty soon(Or already for those of you in the future~), Chant will be banding together a group of heroes to set upon the heroics the likes of which this world has never seen! Therefore, if any defenseless citizens need help, if any town is in danger, just call upon our heroes and they will aid you~!

I'm looking for subplots and minor cameos, yes. xD
Now here's a big notice: I don't need anything. None of this is needed, and I explain this in the link I will be putting up soon, but basically, what I am asking for right now is purely for fun. I could write and finish the entire comic, and have it span for what I could estimate based on the current update schedule of a year or two, without any problems or hiccups in the story.

But if I can add some fun to that, why not~?

What I want to be submitted to me are one of three things~
1) Characters or groups of characters. Jack and Sora are two friends who've been fighting for five years, and Jack wants help recovering their old friendship. Erica's father is being held hostage by terrorists and she desperately wants him to be saved. Basically, a minor plot with minor characters to be had~
2) An Organization. A group of professionals trying to accomplish something and need help. The Karate Guild is being harrassed by local bullies, or the Mercenaries have a bounty that they'd like to trick some heroes into cleaning up for them~
3) A Locale. A town brimming with criminals that needs help capturing some particularly tough ruffians, or a mall-owner who doesn't quite understand what a "hero" is and wants some models for their clothing store. Basically, a large scale place that wants help.

Of these, please keep in mind that I really only want one or two of each~ And like I said, I don't need anything from any of them, and it's very unlikely that these subplots would affect the main plot(s) any more than perhaps making the main characters understand each other better. It's a large undertaking, and I know it's a bit complicated the way I've phrased it, so if there are any questions, please feel free to ask~! Otherwise, with all that out of the way, if you're still interested, please fill out the portions of the forms as needed here~

And as always, thank you all for following .:Balance:.~! I appreciate it so much~! ^v^

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