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I’d like to start with the same message as before: Anything that occurs in Balance essentially takes place in an alternate universe from any other comic. Unless you reeeeally want something to be in the same canon as this comic, anything that occurs here is free from actual canon and thus, you don’t have to worry about if I do something that’s non-canonical with any story you might have set up.

Got that? Good because I’m not repeating it. c:

So, the entire point of this submission is that I would really like some “canon” fodder. Essentially, every opportunity listed below is completely and totally unnecessary to the story. This means two things.

One, if nobody decides to submit anything, I can continue the comic happily and without interruption, unlike the way it was when I was searching for main character rolls. There’s no deadline, no rush to give me anything, and overall is just something meant to pad out Balance.

And two, that exactly. Any submissions given are meant to be exactly that: padding. But I don’t mean to use the negative connotation that comes along with padding, that is, useless fluff only meant to make the comic longer. When I say that any submissions given are meant to pad out the story, I mean that they are meant to be used to expand upon this world.

My goal with Balance is, has been, and hopefully always will be, to tell a good story using characters and locales that I could never have thought up on my own. I don’t want to insert characters into my story, I want to weave together a totally different story using these characters and places to, ideally, create an entertaining world to be explored and an enticing story to be told. I want interactions to be based on personalities that I had no hand in making propelling themselves through the narrative, and I want there to actually be a plot while that happens.

So, stepping down from my speech podium for a bit, if this interests you, then there are only a couple of things I need for you to understand~

1). I reserve the right to turn down your submissions(Though it’s probably not because they’re bad!!)

Any areas, organizations, or minor characters that I accept, I’ll do so because I feel like they can work properly. So yeah, this first rule somewhat collides with “weave story with different characters” bit, but it’s a limit I have to make, aye? If your locale is too grounded in a complex history that I have no hopes of fitting into the comic, if your organization is basically the illuminate and totally railroads the plot, or anything like that, then I simply can’t accept it, even if it’s super-ultra-amazing interesting in its own right~!

That’s because, with the main characters already decided, everything else from this point on are, by definition, “minor”. The basic plot has already been set, so even if I love whatever you submit, if it’s too big a game-changer, it just… won’t work. I’m sorry.

That said, I also reserve the right to turn down a submission for any reason because sometimes I’m just a butt. But if you’re kind and your idea is reasonable, this is very unlikely. XD

2). I might change a few things.

Even if something you submit totally works within the realms of Balance reality, I might still take a few “creative rights” with some things. Nothing too major, of course, usually just little things, like if you offer a city that has existed for a hundred thousand years, that’s not going to fly with Balance mythology(No there hasn’t been an explanation on Balance mythology, you didn’t miss anything), so I’d probably have to change the age to something reasonable, aye?

But if I do ever want to change anything about anything, I will always let you know. And if at any time before a submission is used, you wish to not have me use it, I will gladly oblige and omit it from the comic. Any questions regarding this part are welcome, because I know I probably did not explain this very well. XD

3). As I said before, this story takes place in an alternate universe to any other story bar none. c:

So like before, unless your character or organization (Or locale. I’d like to see a submission like that. >o>) bounces between dimensions regularly, nothing that happens in Balance can be considered a part of any other canon. That means that you can go ahead and have fun with whatever you turn in and not have to worry about me messing up your canon(Like I said before). As I also said before, however, this means I might have to change some things that are no longer applicable between your canon and Balance’s. This is basically a rehash of what I said in the preface. XD

4). Right now, I am looking for a person, people, organization, or a locale who are asking for Chant and her group’s assistance.

The organization doesn’t have to be good. They don’t have to be nice, they don’t have to like Chant. They just need a reason to be asking for her and her group’s help.

Essentially, if you want your person, group, organization, or locale to do bad and/or try to use Chant and her group, then you need to explain what their insidious evil plan is or whatever, as well as why and how they might have heard of Chant and her group. There will be a section for this later that asks in further detail.

That said, if you’re okay with everything above, then let’s get started with the Biography section~! ^V^

And please don’t be scared by how much wording is going on down there. It doesn’t have to be an extremely long epic scribed by Homer himself. Just keep in mind that the less you write, the more likely I’ll be to deny it/ask a ton of questions and generally be a badger. c:

(Pst, to skip around, control-f/whatevertheheckMacandLinux’searchshortcutsare “.:x:.”, where the x = 1 (Minor character or group of characters), 2(minor organization), 3(locale), and 4(General stuff).)

.:1:. Minor Character

Note: If you plan on submitting a group of characters, then unless otherwise stated, assume you have to answer each of these questions for each of your submitted characters.

You might also notice that these questions are similar to the Main Character biography I asked for before. That’s on purpose. I want such a strong grip on these side characters that, if I wanted to, I could use them as main characters without worry. I won’t, but I want to have that much confidence in my ability to write for them~ =3


Name: (Full name, if possible. If the character goes by a specific name that is not their full name, then notify that, but it’d still help me to have their full names as well~)

Species: (Animal, human, alien, etc. etc. If there are any specifics on the species itself, especially if it is a species you yourself have made up, please feel free to describe in as much detail as you want anything that might be important about the species here, in a secondary paragraph.)

Age: (If there is a difference, then list physical and technical ages, or whatever ages you might think are necessary~)

Gender: (That is, the self-proclaimed identity your characters defines themselves by, if any.)

Sexuality: (What, if anything, they find to be romantically or sexually attractive. If there is a difference between the two, please notify them seperately~)

Appearance: (If you wanna go ahead and give me a detailed sketch, that’d be fine. Otherwise, please let me know what kinds of clothes they normally wear, and what they generally look like. The more detail, the better. I have no idea if I’d ever sketch parts of the comic, or if something would require I change their attire or, heaven forbid, show them folding laundry, but I can’t always tell what someone’s wearing or what certain parts of their physiques are meant to be like from their sprites, so an explanation or sketch would work nicely~)

Other Details: (Anything you feel is particularly noteworthy about your charactersas a creature and person, but that couldn’t be applied or applied properly above, please list here. If you can’t think of anything, just leave this blank~)

Most Favourite…

Meal: (Food and drink, whether it be a fancy set of boiled lobster with garnishings, caviler over na’an and a side of aged wine, or just a simple chocolate milkshake~)

Season: (Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall. Also, maybe a little bit on why, and if there’s a specific time during the season that is absolutely the best or something~)

Time of Day: (Sun set, sunrise, half past noon, whatever~ =3)

Pastime(s): (Does your character like to skate, or juggle when they’re bored? Maybe they cook as a hobby, or throw darts at leaves on trees~)

Least Favourite…

Situation to be in: (Caught between a rock and a hard place, aye? Whether they hate being in the spotlight or being alone, or if they don’t like being caught in the rain. Maybe having a gun pointed to their heads? Who knows~)

Weather: (Hurricanes bother them? Maybe tornadoes, or typhoons if they’re in the tropics. Maybe cloudy skies just turn them off or something~)

Kind of Person: (You know this. The kind of person who’s very aura just makes them roll their eyes, or fill with nausea, or that makes them really uncomfortable and want to leave. If they don’t have this kind of person, fine~! If it’s just a specific trait rather than an overall attitude or aura, then list that instead~)


Physical Abilities: (Are they acrobatic? Really fast? Do they hit like a truck or carry weight like a flatbed? What’s going on in that body of theirs?)

Supernatural Abilities: (Can your character fly? Shoot mind beams? Burp magma? Whatever you can’t explain with their physiques would basically fit here, so if they are a ghost, for instance, even though they themselves are supernatural, phasing through walls would be a physical ability, aye~?)

Tactical Strengths: (What are they just good at? Despite the name, it doesn’t have to be combat related, it just has to be something they can use practically, even if it’s just to show off. Predicting movements, planning strategies, or even kick-flipping a skateboard. Think talents~)

Tactical Weaknesses: (Failings, faults, and other things that they can’t really be trusted to fulfill successfully. It doesn’t have to be a horrible glaring weakness, just something they don’t or shouldn’t feel confident in trying. If your character is a horrible judge of character, that’d go here. If your character thinks they’re the bomb at cooking, but have only successfully summoned monsters from a Lovecraft novel through their oven, that also goes here. And in an incinerator. c: ;; )


What was the character’s past like?

(I don’t need that strong of a grip on your character’s past, since I either won’t need it, or you’ll be forced to explain it in detail one of the following questions. Instead, just give me a brief summary of anything you consider to be important in your character’s past that might play a role in their personalities or actions, as well as anything that might be pertinent to what they are asking for help with.

What is their “plot”?

(This is the big one, but what you write doesn’t have to be. Essentially, right here is where I want you to write what your character or characters want from Chant and her group. Whether they need her to save a sibiling from a dragon or want her to clean out their gutters(I’m serious), Or if they want to trick her and her group into walking into energy pods where they will be used like living batteries, just explain what your character or group wants from the youngest Elder One alive. Also, if your character or group plan on deceiving or betraying Chant, then explain that as well as what kind of thing they’d try to say to convince her and her group to listen to them.)

(IF YOU WERE REDIRECTED FROM OTHER SECTIONS TO THIS ONE, PLEASE NOTE: You don’t have to fill out this question for each character. Instead, just explain in one heap over in your individual section what the organization or locale wants from Chant and her group, and if any of the individual characters within those organizations or locales have separate agendas, you still should explain that in your own section.)

.:2:. Organizations

Organization Name: (Pretty simple~ Are they the Big Aggressive kNife Guild, or maybe Evil Electricity Inc.?)

Members: (List each major member’s name here, and then fill out the Minor Character section as directed. If there are nameless workers under this organization’s employee, then be sure to mention them and to what capacity, but you don’t have to mention anything special about the namelesses beyond that.)

Mission Statement: (What’s the organization’s reason for existence? What is it that they do, and why do they do it? What does the public think they’re doing, if they even know it exists in the first place?)

What they are capable of: (Are they a paper-pushing insurance company, a seedy end of business conglomerates, a band of murderous thieves? What kinds of ways can they influence people, if any? Do they have a military presence, or maybe they can wave about a magic spell of money to get things done? Maybe they have a science and testing department that likes live samples, or they’re an unorganized mess of pupils under a teacher who can barely swing a pole?)

Why they need Chant’s help: (What do they hope to achieve by asking Chant for help? What are they asking for in the first place? Are there any dissidents who hope to achieve something different from the organization itself? This is basically asking the “plot” of this organization)

If Chant declines: (What would they do if, for some reason or another, Chant either couldn’t or wouldn’t rally her group to help? Would they be in dire trouble with no hope elsewhere, or maybe they won’t take no for an answer and try to take the group in by force? Maybe they’ll just shrug it off and go on with their acts?)

Base of Operations: (Where do they perform whatever they do? Is it in a corporate building in the marketing district, or maybe an abandoned sewer dojo underground? Note that if your organization typically resides somewhere that is tied to a city, you don’t have to submit a city. I am perfectly okay with being vague about a base of operations’ location as long as it doesn’t impede the story too much~)

Other Details: (AAAAANYTHING else that you think I need to know about this organization and how it goes about its business.)

.:3:. Locales

Note: This applies if you want to submit a single establishment or town.

Important Inhabitants: (Fill out the Minor Character section as directed for each important inhabitant. When I say “important inhabitants”, I mean the ones whom will be contacting Chant and her group about whatever they need. Anyone with a name and who will be affecting your side plot, basically.)

Customs: (If it’s just one establishment, then what are the rules and regulations within their building? Don’t be afraid to get detailed if you wish~)

What it’s known for: (What makes this establishment or city known? What’s so special about it that makes it stand out from other cities or establishments? Is it a place of action and adventure, a place with inhabitants who too creepily calm for comfort, or maybe an entire city filled with people named Gary? If it’s an establishment, what business do they conduct? Do they sell food, or clothes, or even massages?)

Why they need Chant’s help: (What do they hope to achieve by asking Chant for help? What are they asking for in the first place? Are there any dissidents who hope to achieve something different from the city or establishment itself? This is basically asking the “plot” of your locale.)

If Chant declines: (What would they do if, for some reason or another, Chant either couldn’t or wouldn’t rally her group to help? Would they be in dire trouble with no hope elsewhere, or maybe they won’t take no for an answer and try to take the group in by force? Maybe they’ll just shrug it off and go on with their acts?)

Other Details: (AAAAANYTHING else that you think I need to know about this organization and how it goes about its business.)

.:4:. Meta General Junk~

Sprites: (Just slap a link right here. This… IS a sprite comic, after all, and while I’m willing to make a few poses as I need, I’m not really feeling a whole sprite sheet for your character, sorry. XD)

(If you’re submitting for an organization or locale, also be sure to include backgrounds that you need here. If you want to explain a general background-type and instead and left it up to me, then by all means do so , but I would prefer a set of backgrounds anyways since I’m reluctant to search for them myself~)

Artwork: (Not at all necessary, but it’d help if you had other pieces of art that accurately depict your character, group, organization, or locale~)

Other works they might be a part of: (Fanfics, comics, video series’, anything that your character, group, organization, or locale might have been portrayed in action in accurately. Again, not totally necessary, but would help very much~ ^v^)

Questions: (Do you have any questions for me? =3 )