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This comic takes place in its own, alternate universe. Thusly, you have no worries if you want your character to show up but fear their canonicity being tarnished by my skills or lack thereof. If you want your character to show up in this comic, then great~! I’d love that~!

There are just a few things that I’d like to be understood, and if you’re cool with them, then by all means, offer up your character and I’ll do my best with them~! ^v^

1). I might not use them. I mean, I might just not, sorry. <v<;

I’m looking for characters that are fun, diverse, and can interact in interesting and sometimes unexpected ways. I’m also only, currently, looking for three characters. Even if I think your character is really well-rounded or an interesting person on their own right, they might just not fit with what I’m planning, so… if I reply to an application with a “Sorry no dice”, please don’t be offended, because I mean no harm~ ^v^;

2). I might change a few things.

Nothing big. Nothing important, and certainly nothing to do with their personality~ And if, for whatever reason that I don’t have planned at the moment, I did want to change something integral to the character, I would most definitely message you before I did so.

When I say I might change a few things, I mean clothes, or appearances, temporarily. I’m the kind of person who will make a pose for a comic that might never, ever come up again, and I’m not afraid to go ahead and just make the pose myself, or give them a different outfit that suits the situation. Seasons will pass, clothes might and probably will take damage, and disguises might be needed, so if you offer a character to me, I want to know that I have the freedom to play around with their sprites and, occasionally, force them into situations where they can’t perform an action they would normally otherwise.

For instance, Blade the Swordhog might normally cut his way through a situation with his soul blade and wear a broody black cloak, but if he’s been captured and has got an electric shock collar on, I’ll probably shove him into prisoner clothes and force him to figure out another way to get the collar off or escape his captors. That sort of thing~

Not that I plan to have anyone be held captive at any point in this comic. Yet. >v>;;

3). As I said before, this story takes place in an alternate universe to any other story bar none. c:

So… unless you have a dimension hopper (Of which I’ve actually seen a few and would gladly accept~!), you’ll probably have to modify the character’s backstory a liiittle bit. The world isn’t exactly written in stone, so most little things can stay the same, but there are no, for instance, major wars that are in recent memory, and in fact, there seems to be no recollection of history at all for anything before a thousand years prior. Not that this really ever pings to anyone, who seem to all just kind of accept that history sort of cuts off at a certain point…

Either way, if you decide to write integral parts of a character biography, try to make them… a little generalized? So if Derek was a part of the Blackwall Soldier guild, that’s fine, but if I decide that for whatever reason, a mercenary guild by the name of Blackwall Soldiers is impossible, then I’d probably have him, in-story, not be a part of that particular guild.


4). Right now, I am looking for people who are willing to fight for capital G Good.

I’m not asking for people who are Good. Just people who are willing, for one reason or another, to fight for the furthering of the agenda of Good. Got it? They don’t have to be Good, just need a reason for fighting for it.

Basically if you wanna send in a villain, they need a reason to be pretending to be a good guy. There’ll be a part in the bio for it, so no worries.

That said, if you’re okay with everything above, then let’s get started with the Biography section~! ^V^

And please don’t be scared by how much wording is going on down there. I’m not looking for a great, perfectly-developed novel character that everyone and their undead grandmothers will love to read. I’d be content with fun, appreciable characters~


Name: (Full name, if possible. If the character goes by a specific name that is not their full name, then notify that, but it’d still help me to have their full names as well~)

Species: (Animal, human, alien, etc. etc. If there are any specifics on the species itself, especially if it is a species you yourself have made up, please feel free to describe in as much detail as you want anything that might be important about the species here, in a secondary paragraph.)

Age: (If there is a difference, then list physical and technical ages, or whatever ages you might think are necessary~)

Gender: (That is, the self-proclaimed identity your character defines themselves by, if any.)

Sexuality: (What, if anything, they find to be romantically or sexually attractive. If there is a difference between the two, please notify them seperately~)

Appearance: (If you wanna go ahead and give me a detailed sketch, that’d be fine. Otherwise, please let me know what kinds of clothes they normally wear, and what they generally look like. The more detail, the better. I have no idea if I’d ever sketch parts of the comic, or if something would require I change their attire or, heaven forbid, show them folding laundry, but I can’t always tell what someone’s wearing or what certain parts of their physiques are meant to be like from their sprites, so an explanation or sketch would work nicely~)

Other Details: (Anything you feel is particularly noteworthy about your character as a creature and person, but that couldn’t be applied or applied properly above, please list here. If you can’t think of anything, just leave this blank~)

Most Favourite…

Meal: (Food and drink, whether it be a fancy set of boiled lobster with garnishings, caviler over na’an and a side of aged wine, or just a simple chocolate milkshake~)

Season: (Whether it’s Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall. Also, maybe a little bit on why, and if there’s a specific time during the season that is absolutely the best or something~)

Time of Day: (Sun set, sunrise, half past noon, whatever~ =3)

Pastime(s): (Does your character like to skate, or juggle when they’re bored? Maybe they cook as a hobby, or throw darts at leaves on trees~)

Least Favourite…

Situation to be in: (Caught between a rock and a hard place, aye? Whether they hate being in the spotlight or being alone, or if they don’t like being caught in the rain. Maybe having a gun pointed to their heads? Who knows~)

Weather: (Hurricanes bother them? Maybe tornadoes, or typhoons if they’re in the tropics. Maybe cloudy skies just turn them off or something~)

Kind of Person: (You know this. The kind of person who’s very aura just makes them roll their eyes, or fill with nausea, or that makes them really uncomfortable and want to leave. If they don’t have this kind of person, fine~! If it’s just a specific trait rather than an overall attitude or aura, then list that instead~)


Physical Abilities: (Are they acrobatic? Really fast? Do they hit like a truck or carry weight like a flatbed? What’s going on in that body of theirs?)

Supernatural Abilities: (Can your character fly? Shoot mind beams? Burp magma? Whatever you can’t explain with their physiques would basically fit here, so if they are a ghost, for instance, even though they themselves are supernatural, phasing through walls would be a physical ability, aye~?)

Tactical Strengths: (What are they just good at? Despite the name, it doesn’t have to be combat related, it just has to be something they can use practically, even if it’s just to show off. Predicting movements, planning strategies, or even kick-flipping a skateboard. Think talents~)

Tactical Weaknesses: (Failings, faults, and other things that they can’t really be trusted to fulfill successfully. It doesn’t have to be a horrible glaring weakness, just something they don’t or shouldn’t feel confident in trying. If your character is a horrible judge of character, that’d go here. If your character thinks they’re the bomb at cooking, but have only successfully summoned monsters from a Lovecraft novel through their oven, that also goes here. And in an incinerator. c: ;; )


Who were the character’s parents?

(If they don’t know, that’s fine, but if you know, then please tell me. What were their parents like? Were they around long enough to have an impact on the character? Does the character have surrogate parents? If even you don’t know, then that’s fine too, just list that.)

What was/is family life like?

(Do/did they have sibilings, or other extended family around as they were growing up? What about now? Obviously, if they didn’t have a family growing up, then this doesn’t apply~)

What kind of culture were they born and raised in?

(If they were born into one culture and immediately raised in another, then the first is rather trivial at this point, but you can go ahead and list it anyways. Also, while you can describe it as “Oh yeah it’s like Chinese culture with Russian influences here and there”, I’m more than likely not going to include actual cultures from the real world into the story. So if your character is meant to be Brazilian, for instance, just describe what their culture is like and I’ll give it a Sonic Unleashed-esque Captain Eratz country or something, if it even comes up at all~)

Were there any major turning points in your character’s life?

(Something that really affected the character, basically. Could be a death, or meeting someone, or a personal event~)

What is their “plot”?

(This one is important, though it doesn’t have to be particularly big. Something I’m looking for in each character I accept is a basic premise. A goal, a drive, something that gives them a reason to want to help Chant fight “good for goodness’ sake”. She’s not an incredible persuasive little girl, and she’s asking for quite a lot by wishing for people to help her without giving them any kind of payment besides a place to live. Whether there’s some great unknown evil that your character feels they could one day trust Chant and the rest of the group with, or maybe your character wants to manipulate Chant and the rest of the team into helping them conquer the world, or even something more personal, like trying to find a lost friend or relative. It needs to be something that, in cinematic terms, could vouch for at the very least a B-plot~)

Miscellaneous History: (Aaaaanything about who they are or what they’ve done that doesn’t quite fit with anything else above can go here. I don’t care how minute the detail is, I would be obsessed with knowing anything about the character~ If you can’t think of anything, feel free to leave this blank~ ^v^)

Personal Questions…

(These are all questions I’d like to ask so that they might help me gather more about the character. I absolutely adore fluid, complex characters above all else, because it gives me a lot more to work with. As a result, I want to have a strong grasp on your character, and I feel I can do a better job by getting to know how they respond to certain situations and extrapolating from there. I only really need a sentence or two for each of them, but I am absolutely riveted to read longer if you’re willing~ =3)

Your character now lives(assuming they didn’t already) in an age where internet is commonplace, but for them, the internet has decided to run extremely slowly all of a sudden. What do they do about it, or how do they react?

An acquaintance of your character’s comes to them and says that they look extremely tired. What kind of response do they give?

A truck drives by on the street next to your character who is on the sidewalk, and while it was clearly not going to harm them at all, it was just close enough that they could even feel a gust of wind blow against them(supposing they can feel in the first place). How do they react?

Your character is driving a car(Or really any other situation that might have them listening to a radio), when suddenly, an obscure, catchy, and very moe J-pop song plays. What do they do about this?

What if it was a gritty country western song?

A trashy hip-hop rap?

A clever hip-hop rap?

What about a song genre that they typically don’t like? How long would they give the song a chance, if any time at all, before they change the channel?

Suppose they were in the same situation as Chant when she encountered the homeless man who was asking about the job. Would your character have replied or acted any differently?

Suppose your character is enjoying a calm day, walking along a quiet road, when suddenly they hear a clicking noise, followed by a thick piece of metal touching the back of their heads and a voice growling out “Don’t move. I have a gun.” Assume your character, for one reason or another, has no special abilities of any kind, just their wits and personality. What would they do?

Now imagine they do have their abilities. What happens then?

Your character has been tossed into the air, careening in the sky several hundred feet above the ground. Is this normal? If not, how are the reacting?

And now they’re not falling. Does this change anything?

Your character is asked, very seriously but by somebody who cannot tell if they are lying, “Do you value Good, or Evil?”. No other context is given with the question. How would they answer?

“What about following the law vs. doing as you please?”

Meta Junk…

Sprites: (Just slap a link right here. This… IS a sprite comic, after all, and while I’m willing to make a few poses as I need, I’m not really feeling a whole sprite sheet for your character, sorry. XD)

Artwork: (Not at all necessary, but it’d help if you had other pieces of art that accurately depict your character~)

Other works they might be a part of: (Fanfics, comics, video series’, anything that your character might have been portrayed in action in accurately. Again, not totally necessary, but would help very much~ ^v^)